Day 23

So it’s been 3 weeks since my surgery. I’m doing alright. I’m still having my knee buckle on me quite a bit but I am gaining a bit of speed and confidence now. I went to the doctor finally and was given another month clearence of working. That’s 2 months in total needed to recover and go back to my career. It’s long and lengthy but I’m looking forward to the other end of it all (which includes going back to dancing)! 

As far as my ear is going, I got an actual diagnosis today. My ear drum is retracted which means it’s being pulled inwards. This is most likely due to fluid build up and my tubes are blocked and they won’t drain. I’ve been put on a decongestant as well as nasal sprays to open them up and hopefully drain away the fluid. If this fails, I’ll be looking at an ENT appointment (which from my googling, I’d rather avoid). 

My wounds are “healing nicely” as put by my doctor and the wound which has a dent in it, should heal over time when the scar tissue is gone. I also qualified for a Medicare care plan which allows me 5 free physio session which is going to help ALOT! It means Mum doesn’t have to pay for a bit which is great! 

I’ve been cooking a little bit lately and finding time to actually plan for meals. Miley likes to sit and watch me as I cook and then she enjoys coming to test it out. She loves edamame as well as zucchini. She doesn’t like egg though! She tried to eat the bit that fell on the floor a few times but I gather that she just didn’t like it. 

I’ve been watching Toddlers and Tiaras as well as Grey’s Anatomy. I also played a bit of Sims 4! I had Daniel’s 21st BBQ on the weekend and it was fun to be able to relax and have a few drinks (and shots) with friends. Krystal, Daniel and Jess go away to Bali tomorrow so it will be an interesting 2.5 weeks. Shuv and I are planning on getting our eyebrows done tomorrow and then she’ll accompany me to physio. I do feel a visit to the Purple Pattisiere will be in order. 


Day 19

Once I get walking, I’m walking with a bent knee and almost “normal”. It does get sore quite a bit but that’s my muscles working overtime and getting tired. 

I managed to go and visit the kids at OBPK today. Lots were away but it was great to see them all. 

I made mum meet me at Miranda to get a few things from Mecca and Lush. My knee buckled a few times while walking but it’s when I lose concentration when I walk or take a step too fast. It’s something I’m getting used to though! 

My ear is aching a lot tonight and I feel like I’m going to be in agony tomorrow but who knows. I’m so over it! Hopefully it stays at bay at least until I see the doctor on Tuesday. 

Finally got my first Centrelink payment. Turns out they made a mistake on my statement and it was the correct amount due to a week waiting period. Anyways at least this will cover my ongoing bills that I have to pay. 

Day 18

I feel like there’s been a breakthrough in my recovery! Although it still pains me to walk “normally” which entails me to bend my knee every step, I feel like I’m gaining strength back in my tendon which is making moving easily. Such things like just shifting my leg over a bit is easier and getting on and off chairs is getting much easier. I still have numbness but I think I’m just getting used to that now. The scars are slowly getting there. There’s still obvious scabbing with one that has almost lost the scab. I even managed to my knee in a 90 degrees tonight. It hurt but I got there. 

I went shopping with Krystal and Siobhan today. We got our nails done today (thanks Mum). I was going to chose a nice colour but decided on a safe colour – nude! My nails keep breaking so I figured I might as well do SNS and keep it going. Walking around was alright. The girls would gain speed and I’d shout out to slow down and we’d be good again. My knee still buckles if I step out too far or step too quickly but I’m adjusting to that. 

Miley is getting into the Christmas spirit these days. Doesn’t she look cute? I plan on visiting my old preschool tomorrow to see the kids. I keep hearing that they are “asking” about me from families and Ariana. So should be good to see their faces again! 

I played Sims4 for an hour tonight. My sim forgot to pay to bills so we lost power for the night/day. Didn’t affect him or his adopted so much! Haha. 

My ear is still bothering me in the mornings and at night, especially when I lay down. I think there is just fluid in there and when I lay down, it’s putting pressure on my ear drum. I’ve booked in to see my doctor next Tuesday (next available appointment!). So I’ll talk to her about that and ask about getting another few weeks/month clearence as there’s no way I can work for a little longer. Finally Centrelink approved my claim but get this, screwed up my first payment. Which means I have to call them tomorrow morning! Oh when will this end?!?! I want to skip forward a month and start looking for jobs!!

On the whole I am feeling much brighter and positive. I can see/feel the end of this recovery now. It will still be painful and long but I getting there! 

Day 16/17

The first time I forgot to write so I’m writing for two days. I had a stiff knee for both days and it feels like a ball inside my knee which is more than likely all the fluid. I was tired and just had zero energy yesterday. I slept in again and just watched OUaT when I awoke. 

Although, I received a beautiful card from my Aunty, which brightened my day! My Aunty never fails to make me smile. She is honestly one of the best!

I made this sandwich which I have been dying to make for ages. I finally got all the ingredients. It’s prosciutto, cream cheese, boccocini, pesto, grilled eggplant and capsicum; all on a ciabatta roll! YUM! 

I’m gaining feeling back in my knee slowly. Either that or I’m getting used to the feeling. It feels like my wounds are ripping apart but that’s apparently the scar tissue underneath. I’ve been rubbing cream into them and gently massaging but it makes me feel ill. Today I had physio and I’ve achieved 75 degrees which was before she did anything. I nearly hit 90 degrees during one of my exercises. I was told I can go back to dancing probably January/February BUT no turns, jumps or leaps! Just stretching and basic dance stuff. I’m looking forward to that! She also believes I won’t be ready to go back to work by the end of the months clearence my doctor gave. I’ll have to go back and get another one. Really annoying! Although I definitely do NOT feel ready to go back, I just want to go back to working. 

Here’s more of the wonderful card from my Aunty. I’ve organised my birthday which was exciting! And today after physio I just chilled with Siobhan. I got my car washed which was such a great feeling. It was absolutely putrid! 

Day 15

I’m pretty sure my sleep routine is no more. I’ve been sleeping in majorly the past few days but enjoying it never the less. Went to Officeworks, Petbarn and Coles with mum today. Still finding it hard to get out of the car on the passenger’s side. I’ve mastered the drivers side with no issues but still finding ways for the passenger side. 

My scars are, just that, scars now. Lots of scar tissue. I’ve been told I need massage cream into them, which makes me feel faint and nauseous, so I find that extremely hard! 

I’m sleeping a lot more comfortably now days. I’m able to sleep in almost any position which is great. Just find it painful to sleep if a certain part of my knee is directly pushing on the bed. 

I’ve come to a conclusion that I need to change my diet as of tomorrow and make better choices. It’s going to be hard but I can do it! I can’t wait to go back to work and starting earning money again. The struggles are way too real and Centrelink is taking their precious time with my claim. HURRY UP!!

Day 14

Had a massive sleep in today! Felt really good and refreshed. Watch more of OUaT and just chilled. I made dinner for me and my parents. I made this cous cous salad that has pomegranate in it. It’s amazing. Dad actually found a recipe a few years ago and every now and again we have it. I just love it! 

Movement is getting better. I’m still struggling to bend my knee as I walk (which I’m constantly reminded by from mum!!) but it’s really hard. It gets sore and tired and it’s just easier to walk from my hip which I know isn’t a good thing but I do try. 

I went to Siobhan’s with krystal and Daniel and of course Matt for some drinks and a chill. Ended up home around 2:30am but it was nice to get out! I found it uncomfortable to sit in a chair for a long time but after a couple of hours, it got better. I even found walking with a bent knee much easier. Even when I got home, I did my exercise which involves sitting on my bed and doing small back and forth movements with my feet easier after I had been walking. 

My wounds are definitely improving and now are completely uncovered! However, my ear seems to be getting worse, especially at night! 

Day 13

Had physio this morning. Extremely painful especially when they have to “break up scar tissue”. I was nearly crying. New exercises almost like ballet warm ups. New compression tubing that is a lot more tighter and cut a little too short for my liking. More annoying to wear than anything. 

Mum and I went to Kareela on our way home to go to the fruit shop and get sushi for lunch. Also went Coles afterwards. By the time that was over, I was exhausted and my knee was throbbing. 

I’m still getting the “electric shocks” down my leg and the surgical wounds are so painful at the moment. I’m walking without crutches now but not overly confident. My “knee” gives way and I say knee because that’s what it feels like however my physio has told me it’s just my muscles around my knee which are weak from the operation and not using them since. Which in turn, when I walk they sometimes don’t hold up for a second which feels like my knee is buckling. 

I’ve finished season 4 of OUaT which means I now have to watch season 5 online rather than DVD which is totally annoying (and no I’m not waiting till December!). 

Miley’s habit of playing with her kitty litter has driven me to just leaving my bedroom door open when I go to bed and if she comes to my bed, then whatever! She got her new kitty litter today and it’s not tracking which is awesome and it’s easy to clean. Also she’s now started on some stuff you put in their water to freshen their breath and god does she need it! Also I put her new harness on her and she wasn’t the biggest fan. It’s an XS and still is a little big for her. But it won’t come off either so it’ll do! 

As of now I’ve only got two wounds covered which I’ll leave until I go to the doctors on Tuesday. The others are seeming to heal now, but still lots of scar tissue which I can feel. They actually cause a moderate amount of discomfort when I’m in bed trying to sleep but eventually I find a spot where it doesn’t hurt as much!